Our Slantwise, Under the Radar, Off the Grid, Out of the Box Thinking

This article is somewhat divergent from my usual posts here. They have to do more with politics. But this is relevant as our way of interacting with people explains our political ideology, too. I just read that a Muslim group is marching on 9/11 to protest religious profiling of Islam
in connection with the twin towers disaster. A group of bikers (among others, I suspect) is launching a counter-protest under the thinking that Muslims caused 9/11 and how dare they "desecrate" the September 11 deaths with their march. See, that's exactly the time to march. And they have to call attention to this bigotry. I would stand with them. Because I try not to judge people by their identifiers--race, color, religion, culture. How can you, really? And this article gives background on where that thinking comes from.

My husband and I have always had...quirky...entertainment tastes. Like the weird cabaret circus musical we enjoyed at an arts festival in Grand Rapids, Mich. Or the radical punk venue we hit, with zombie black velvet wall art. Or that activist post-industrial "freak show" (their words) we explored in Detroit. We don't go purposely seeking oddities. They just recognize kindred spirits when they see us.   Our Slantwise, Under the Radar, Off the Grid, Out of the Box Way of Looking at People