Right-to-Work Not Right for Michigan, Now or Ever

Protesters opposing right-to-work legislation rallied at Michigan's Lansing capitol earlier this week, says WXYZ. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been flirting with right-to-work since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ousted collective bargaining in his state last year. In fact, the Washington Post dubbed Gov. Snyder "the Scott Walker of 2014." However, when lawmakers forwarded right-to-work, Gov. Snyder said it wasn't the right thing for Michigan then. Operative word: then.  Read more

Detroit Debates Proposal 1, Michigan's Emergency Manager Referendum

A hotly contested item on Michigan's November 6, 2012, ballot is Proposal 1, a referendum on Public Act 4 of 2011. PA 4, passed by Gov. Rick Snyder last year, is the state's emergency manager law. PA 4 places pro tem managers in charge of financially struggling cities and public entities like school districts. This is an are of concern particularly for Detroit area residents. Six of the eight Michigan EMs are located in Detroit burbs and entities. If Proposal 1 passes, another 60 Michigan cities could get EMs. EMs don't come cheap. Entities that are assigned an EM have to pay salaries ($180,000-$435,000 a year), expenses, transportation, etc. If the city is already in financial trouble how is an overpaid exec going to help? EMs can and do cut jobs and vital services. Unemployed and underemployed residents can't pay taxes. They have to rely on social safety networks that drain financial resources. EMs are a lose-lose proposition. Detroit Debates Proposal 1, Michigan's Emergency Manager Referendum

Rainbow PUSH Detroit Obama-Romney Debate Watch Fight Night

This article was written about the Rainbow PUSH Michigan's August crusade. RPC-Michigan is gearing up for debate watch between President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Here are Facebook event details and here's the website.  The Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) is a grassroots collective action group that was formed by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson in 1996. Rainbow PUSH refers to itself as a "multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization," and the goal is to work non-violently for social justice. Rainbow PUSH Michigan staged a protest march called "Crusade for America Parent and Youth March" downtown Detroit on Saturday, August 25. Here are some of the goals of this effort and why Detroit is a particularly important staging ground.Rainbow PUSH 'Crusade for America' Marches on Detroit 

Ways parents turn kids off and on to politics

During an election or campaign season, many parents get involved in political activities. They put up yard signs, join online discussions, attend meetings and rallies, and talk up their favorite candidates and issues. All this politicking can be irritating and disruptive to family life. The phone rings with automated messages from candidates and their supporters. Candidates debate on television. Everywhere you go, it seems to be politics. Here are some mistakes parents make with campaign activism, plus tips to educate kids about politics without turning them off. Ways parents turn kids off and on to politics 

Concerns About Mitt Romney

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has a poor memory, at least regarding some pranks from his days at an all-boys Michigan prep school, says ABC OTUS News. I'm concerned. He's being asked to recall high school, not memories from babyhood. Is one with so poor a memory fit to run our country? And now his choice of running mate Paul Ryan--further concerned. Not only for the 99%, but everyone. I just got a "paid for by the GOP" call saying Romney would put people back to work. Wow--now that's audacious. You can't cut and create simultaneously. And what kinds of jobs will these be? Patchwork, part time, minimum wage Mcjobs? Read on Mitt Romney's Memory, Conscience Need Jogging