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Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to jail we go, for Teresa Guidice, one of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" says She Knows Reality TV magazine November 13. Evidently she's gotten in a wee bit o' trouble with the green (helping herself to others' that is). So the mama of four will do time and none of this in-house stuff like she requested. It's big girl prison for her, says Gawker. All this points to one thing. It's seriously time to take a holiday from RHONJ, like yesterday!  Teresa Guidice jail-bound and sorry, seriously time for an RHONJ holiday, folks

Sexy Ebola nurse, Breaking Bad meth dealer, Ray Rice Worst Halloween Costumes

Can we just agree that Halloween costumes stoop lower every year? This year, several are vying for Stupidest Costume 2014: Sexy Ebola nurse (said ABC Good Morning America October 27), kiddie Breaking Bad Walter White and Jesse Pinkman meth dealer and child's Ray Rice costumes (reported CNN Wire) Costume makers can't seem to get to rock bottom fast enough. Let's look at them, one by one.Sexy Ebola nurse, Breaking Bad meth dealer, Ray Rice Worst Halloween Costumes - Grand Rapids Holidays | Examiner.com


Free Printable Labor Union and Jobs Lesson Plans

Labor Day, that's a day to drink beer and have a picnic--if you're lucky enough to get the day off. More and more jobs demand that employees work--on Labor Day. Oxymoron. Labor Day--celebrated the first Monday in September in the US--remembers and honors social and economic contributions of organized labor, unions and workers. Here are free printable coloring pages of workers in different occupations, jobs, careers. Use for Labor Day parties. Teachers and homeschoolers, start your school year off with a career awareness social studies unit that explores community helpers, workers, occupations. Teach the history and importance of Labor Day.  Free Printable Labor Day Coloring Pages, Trades and Jobs Lesson Plans

Smother Mothers Gender-Biased toward Boomerang Sons

A Reuters study  "Flying the Nest" showed how "smother mothers" (over-protective moms) welcomed their adult "boomerang sons" back home more quickly than daughters. A boomerang child is as the name suggests, a child who moved out, then returned to live back with parents. In this case, it seems to be gender-biased with mom and son relationships predominating over any other.

The 2010 film "Cyrus" explores the humor and pathos of smother mother love. The tagline says is well: "A recently divorced guy meets the woman of his dreams. Then he meets her son." Bouncing off from this film and the debate over boomerang sons, why are mothers quick to let adults sons live at home, while adult daughters fly the nest for good? Why let sons return over daughters? Why let kids move back, period? Is it healthy? Why Smother Mothers Welcome Boomerang Sons

Earth Day Should be About Caring for People, Too

Today is Earth Day. We talk a lot about caring for earth's natural resources. But what about her people? They need care too. Many of the world's children go to bed hungry. They lack basic necessities--drinking water, healthcare, a warm bed, a sturdy roof over their heads, safety. So here's what I'm doing, in my little way. Read on Earth Day Means Caring for People

Skills and Tools Parents Need for Raising Functional Teenagers

Do you ever complain about how poorly behaved kids are today? I believe that it stems from unhealthy parenting. Now don't get me wrong. Parenting is not easy, especially with teens . Like the army, parenting teens is the toughest job you'll ever love. Teenagers are naturally manic-depressive. On one side are raging hormones, mercurial emotions, sassy mouths and self-centered behavior. On the other, charm, wit and intense passion. Here's what parents need to survive the tempestuous teens.  Skills and Tools Parents Need for Raising Teenagers - Yahoo Voices

Panhandling Is Getting Out of Hand

I'm generous. I give to known organizations and many random causes. But I will not give to panhandlers for several reasons. We stopped in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday for a bite to eat.

A guy approached the car shouting, waving his arms and begging for money. He was wandering in the street disrupting traffic, accosting passers-by. We didn't give anything. But he kept following.   Panhandling Is Getting Out of Hand

Write What You Know (Don't Fake It)

I've freelanced online since 2010. I have 6,000+ articles published and I maintain 55 different niche blogs. Many people ask how I make it work. With a lot of

trial, error and learning. Today's mistake cum tip: write what you know.

Alanon says "fake it till you make it." Writing's NOT the place for that. I'm not saying you have to know everything about grammar or SEO. SEO is organic and we adapt. Semantics you can learn along the way. So you who write in a second language, keep practicing.   Writing for the Web 101 Write What You Know (Dont Fake It) - News - Bubblews

Phone Solicitor, Learn Manners or Expect a Dial Tone

The phone rings. I rush to answer because husband is sleeping and I don't want the upstairs phone to disturb him. I trip over people, laundry and a cat. I bark my shins. Breathlessly, I say "Hello?" Silence.

  Phone Solicitor, Learn Manners or Expect Nothing But a Dial Tone

Shooting Off my Mouth on Bubblews Buys My Groceries

This is just to say that I'm grateful for Bubblews. They're buying my groceries. I'm cashing out twice a week now and that's enough to buy our food for the week. Sometimes even some health and beauty aids and paper products. When all four kids were at home, it might not have been enough, but with two out of the house, my Bubblews earnings feed us just fine. Bubblews Buys My Groceries

Target Finally Alerts REDcard Holders of Data Breach, Months Later

I just got a letter from Target about a data breach on REDcards. Yes, the same leak on automatic withdrawal cards that occurred back in November. Three months later, they finally get around to telling us they fouled up and leaked bank data? And they want us to trust them with our account info? All that letter did was remind me to close my account. Read on.  Target Backpeddles on Data Breach, Months Later

IRS Income Tax and Self Employment Woes with 1099K

Being self-employed is, at the best of times, unpredictable. At the worst, like tax season, it can be a nightmare. Take this new US law that companies don't have to issue 1099-Misc income forms, unless they take out taxes--the old way was if you made $600 that year, you got one, regardless.

The IRS still requires you to report all income, regardless of whether you get a form or it reaches the $600 threshold. Yes, even your Bubblews income. But the 1099-Misc helped as it proved that you and the company were on the same page about what you earned and what they reported. And it was helpful for record-keeping. Some of us earn thousands of dollars across numerous writing sites. It doesn't matter if you file or pay someone--it's a lot of miscellaneous income to be responsible for reporting correctly. And a lot of margin for error without a checks and balance.   IRS Income Tax and Self Employment Woes--1099-Misc and Paypal 1099K

If You Want Someone's Attention, Rant

Remember the commercial that said "if you want to capture someone's attention, whisper?" In real life, eh, doubtful. Too many competing voices. Writing online? Definitely not. Say it loud and clear. Timid won't cut it. Go bold or go home.

I've written news since 2005 and I've been a regular for Yahoo! News since they started the program on Voices in 2010. I've written about a thousand news pieces, a lot about Detroit. And I assure you, readers like straight talk, especially op/ed. They love to gnaw on the carcass of scandal, to snarl over politics, to mud-wrestle in the moral quagmire.  If You Want Bubblews Interaction, Rant on Inflammatory Topics

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