Panhandling Is Getting Out of Hand

I'm generous. I give to known organizations and many random causes. But I will not give to panhandlers for several reasons. We stopped in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday for a bite to eat.

A guy approached the car shouting, waving his arms and begging for money. He was wandering in the street disrupting traffic, accosting passers-by. We didn't give anything. But he kept following.   Panhandling Is Getting Out of Hand

Write What You Know (Don't Fake It)

I've freelanced online since 2010. I have 6,000+ articles published and I maintain 55 different niche blogs. Many people ask how I make it work. With a lot of

trial, error and learning. Today's mistake cum tip: write what you know.

Alanon says "fake it till you make it." Writing's NOT the place for that. I'm not saying you have to know everything about grammar or SEO. SEO is organic and we adapt. Semantics you can learn along the way. So you who write in a second language, keep practicing.   Writing for the Web 101 Write What You Know (Dont Fake It) - News - Bubblews

Phone Solicitor, Learn Manners or Expect a Dial Tone

The phone rings. I rush to answer because husband is sleeping and I don't want the upstairs phone to disturb him. I trip over people, laundry and a cat. I bark my shins. Breathlessly, I say "Hello?" Silence.

  Phone Solicitor, Learn Manners or Expect Nothing But a Dial Tone

Shooting Off my Mouth on Bubblews Buys My Groceries

This is just to say that I'm grateful for Bubblews. They're buying my groceries. I'm cashing out twice a week now and that's enough to buy our food for the week. Sometimes even some health and beauty aids and paper products. When all four kids were at home, it might not have been enough, but with two out of the house, my Bubblews earnings feed us just fine. Bubblews Buys My Groceries