Parenting Trick-or-Treat Trends, How Much Do US Moms and Dads Spend on Halloween?

Halloween is a controversial holiday. While parents are buying record numbers of children's costumes, other parents object to Halloween. Despite concerns of stranger danger and the fear factor, more parents are celebrating Halloween with their kids. Here are facts about how parents and children participate in Halloween for 2011.  Parenting Halloween, Trick-or-Treat Trends

Thank you Obamacare, Finally Healthcare That Benefits Us

I want to make a campaign poster for President Obama, showing him and a caption reading "Oh, Bama" I've supported President Obama since day one. It was a toss up with Hilary Clinton but I love them both. Just needed to clarify where I stand so any haters can jump ship now.

And about Obamacare, I love that too. It's about time we had some socialized healthcare. Here's why. My husband and I have been married since 1987 and always had healthcare. It was good--HMO. But a series of unfortunate events--lockout, illness, stillborn babies--meant job changes. And each year benefits were gouged and costs rose.  Read on Thank you Obamacare, Finally a Return on Our Investment