Earth Day Should be About Caring for People, Too

Today is Earth Day. We talk a lot about caring for earth's natural resources. But what about her people? They need care too. Many of the world's children go to bed hungry. They lack basic necessities--drinking water, healthcare, a warm bed, a sturdy roof over their heads, safety. So here's what I'm doing, in my little way. Read on Earth Day Means Caring for People

Skills and Tools Parents Need for Raising Functional Teenagers

Do you ever complain about how poorly behaved kids are today? I believe that it stems from unhealthy parenting. Now don't get me wrong. Parenting is not easy, especially with teens . Like the army, parenting teens is the toughest job you'll ever love. Teenagers are naturally manic-depressive. On one side are raging hormones, mercurial emotions, sassy mouths and self-centered behavior. On the other, charm, wit and intense passion. Here's what parents need to survive the tempestuous teens.  Skills and Tools Parents Need for Raising Teenagers - Yahoo Voices