Political Junkies, welcome.

Hi. I'm Marilisa. I live in Michigan and am an unemployed teacher looking for a job. I am happily married, 25 years. 4 kids. Taxpayer. Citizen of the world.

I started this blog in response to the Kerry-Bush election in '04. Well actually all the elections since '82 when I first voted in Michigan, for Jim Blanchard. Then '84, the first and last time I voted Republican. And in  '88, working on the Dukakis campaign and with RTL to support Proposal A--yes, simultaneously, yes an arguable conflict-of-interest, but that's politics in the U.S.

Anyway, after voting my husband and I felt the need to decompress. We headed to Fricano's, our neighborhood tavern-pizza joint (best pizza on the planet). It was packed (usual for a Tuesday). Dozens of other patrons sported their 'I voted' sticker. It was as if we were at a town meeting. I think we all needed to connect. To know that we weren't alone in this angst we felt (feel) for our fellow citizens. Maybe we just needed a drink.

I'm opinionated. I call myself a rebel but not in the country music sense. I rebel against social injustice, not just because I like the term. I'm a non-conformist, but not just for the sake of being different Actually, there's a lot of conformity in what generally passes as non-conformity. Look at tattoos. I'm breaking with mass consumerism, greed, capitalism, bigotry, hatred, institutionalized corporate mindsets, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, violence, war, ignorance. Starting with myself.

So some of my ideas polarize. Some are just bipolar--I'm a pro-life Catholic Thoreau Transcendentalist, IWW member, social justice activist and (generally) a progressive social Democrat. I preach gospel poverty. I don't like Ayn Rand books. I think Libertarian philosophy is limited, hypocritical and self-serving. I think the birther argument is delusional, schizophrenic and straw man-ing. I think Mitt Romney is not good for the 99% because of his 1% mentality and sheltered, privileged, narrow background. I think the Tea Party agenda is dangerous. Sarah Palin's odd juxtaposition of quasi-maternal conservatism with militant feminist, she-male behavior is confusing (and weird). Michele Bachmann, too.

I try never to be hurtful or hateful, though. It's possible to espouse and eschew theories without assassinating character. Anyway, that's what this blog is for. Sort of a virtual tavern-town hall-12 step meeting for political junkies. If you need a place to discuss (rant) and share (vent), this is a safe place. Let's just play nice.