Detroit Mayoral Race Called Two-Man Contest: Is Race an Issue?

 Detroit has an 82-percent black population and hasn't had a white mayor in 44 years. Bloomberg says Detroit's mayoral race has been plagued with "rivalries and racial rifts." Two contenders are tied for first place: one black and one white. Is race the biggest issue in Motown's upcoming election? Or is this just a tactic to divert our attention to the multitude of larger issues? I think minorities have been forced into a race contest in cities where they are not the minority. Decades of being kept out, hemmed in and downtrodden, have made Detroit African Americans tenacious of power where they could wrest it. And who can fault them for that? Self-preservation is human nature. Political control is the American ideal. The fact that Detroit is so impoverished has less than zero to do with corruption, race or any others scapegoats you care to name. It has all to do with barons (mostly auto) exploiting Detroit then abandoning it when they'd used up all the resources. So is the Detroit race racial? Detroit Mayoral Race Called Two-Man Contest: Is Race an Issue?