Arrested for possession of donuts? Cops think Krispie Kreme glaze is methamphetamine

There's methamphetamine in Krispie Kreme donuts? No wonder they're so dang addictive! No, there's not really meth in donuts, but Florida cops thought that Krispie Kreme glaze resembled meth. They arrested motorist Daniel Rushing for donuts crumbs in his car that looked like white meth flakes. Rushing told them it was donut glaze but Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins didn't believe him. The officer conducted several roadside drug tests which proved the presence of narcotics and arrested him for possession of donuts! But a criminal lab report cleared Rushing -- not meth.   Krispy Kreme glaze apes methamphetamine, cops bust Daniel Rushing on 'crystal meth' donut