Facebook adds Donate button to posts, makes giving, but also hacking, scamming easier?

 Does anyone else see problems with "donate" buttons on social media? Facebook has added a Donate button to posts reported Digital Trends on Nov. 20. Now that ostensibly that makes charitable giving easier. But might it also make hacking and scamming easier? If it was just a matter of charitable organizations using the new Donate button analytics to leverage contributions, that would be one thing. But the Facebook Donate button lets users contribute to causes from their Facebook News Feeds and even in Facebook Chat. The point of the Facebook Donate button was to simplify things for nonprofits. But is the Donate button oversimplified and therefore vulnerable to hacking and scamming? Clicking the Donate button takes you to your linked credit card, debit card and Paypal account. It makes Facebook into a vendor. Facebook adds Donate button to posts, makes giving, hacking, scamming easier? | Examiner.com